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If your company sells travel deals, clothing, beauty products or anything related to the fashion, sports-, lifestyle- and entertainment industry, then sponsorship could be an option for you. It is a great way to enhance your company website or brand awareness in the minds of lifestyle and fashion conscious males and females around the globe.

V’s World is a popular international online publication devoted to travel, style, sports and lifestyle.

Our readership:

  • 54.15 % males (aged 14-55)
  • 45.85 % females (aged 14-49)


  • 68.7 % mobile
  • 28.2 % desktop
  • 3.1 % Tablet
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38.88 % Android

Our readers are particularly interested in:
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Style & Beauty
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Latest trends


Latest Statistics via Google Analytics from a recent period.

Key details include:

  • Unique Visitors a Month: > 97,031
  • Average visiting time: 3:51
  • Average pages per session: 5.7
  • Bounce rate: 28.39%

Geographic Data Split

  • Germany – 41.15 %
  • UK – 17.79 %
  • Rest of Europe – 17.72 %
  • USA – 8.9 %
  • Asia – 5.54 %
  • Australia – 6.36 %
  • Canada – 2.54 %

Our social community

  • 40k+ Facebook fans.
  • 10k+ Twitter followers.
  • 70k+ Instagram followers.
  • 2,200 YouTube subscribers.
  • 13,200 followers on Snapchat
  • 3,500 + RSS feed subscribers.
  • 2,8k+ Pinterest followers.


We welcome editorial collaborations related to our topics from the travel, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industry. If you would like to discuss any stories, please feel free to contact us in order to chat about your ideas or even brainstorm for a client, without commitment.

Example Editorial Specials: Travel Stories and Series for unique destinations and hot spots such as the Maldives – creating awareness and word-of-mouth

Sponsored Reviews / Product Tests

We are also interested in sponsored samples from brands in order to write extensive reviews and news posts in our respective categories. If you would like to offer us some samples for review or exposure, please just contact us directly with your proposal and more details. V also works as freelance trendscout for several publications and provides them with the latest insights and trendy pieces from the hip crowd.

Reference 1: collaboration with the carsharing service BeeZero

Reference 2: testing hotels for example in New York, Madrid or Bogotá.

NH Collection_room_Bogota_1


Reference 3: review on different airlines with special traveller tips – e.g.: Etihad, Singapore Airlines


Jetsetter Tips From a Singapore Girl

More examples and references upon request.


We are not interested in such enquiries.

featured image:  CC0 1.0 – Creative Commons