During my little break, I have enjoying some personal time in my home town in Munich, going trail running at lake Schliersee and mountain biking in Ebersberg. Just refueling my energy before getting ready for the winter sports season. Thus, I put together two tour recommendations.

Trail Running at Lake Schliersee

This is one of my favorite trail running routes near Munich. You take the train to Fischhausen and simply run up the mountain to the Bodenschneid. Then you take the Westerberg Höhenweg back to Schliersee where you can catch the next train back to Munich.

Most of this route is pretty easy except for two or three passages that require pretty advanced skills, especially during fall season. It can be pretty steep, with lots of obstacles and tree roots – sometimes pretty slippery. So, make sure to wear your professional running gear and watch your step. If it is too steep for you or too slippery, just walk or hike. There is nothing wrong with that. All in all, a great tour for a nice recovery run.

Mountain Biking in Ebersberg

Two friends of mine live near the Ebersberg forest. And I had no idea that you will finde some pretty neat trails out there. René and I went on a five-hour bike tour along the forest and evend found a cool single trail which was more technical.

Riding with friends is definitely much more fun than riding alone. Now that I feel pretty good on my bike, I even take more risks, go down steeper passages or ride more technical sections. I just love this sport and cannot wait to go on another ride with my friends. That gives me so much more than anything else righ now.

So, I hope you find some time to enjoy the great outdoors near Munich. Believe me: one day out in the mountains or in the woods feels like a relaxing vacation.


photo credits: V’s World