In December I will go fatbiking in Switzerland and then, in the end of January, I will explore Canada. I so cannot wait! Hence, I put together my favorite outdoor accessories, maybe giving you some inspiration for your Christmas gifts.

Maloja Shirt

This one is one of my favorite essentials during fall/winter season. “Ski on the wild side” pretty much sums it up and reflects my winter spirit. So, if you are still looking for a Christmas present for a mountain girl, this cute shirt will definitely put a smile on her face.

Bollé Beat Ski Helmet

This one is actually on my personal wish list. The BEAT’s Ski Bollé helmet ensures protection, style and comfort.  It has an integrated ventilation and I especially love the removable heads. The ear cups are designed to be both comfortable and warm, while preserving your hearing. They are easily removed to be washed.

Also, it is one of the most comfortable helmets – at least for my head. With their click-to-fit ™ system,  the size adjustment is easy and very precise. Thanks to rubber, you can tighten or loosen the helmet, even with your gloves on, for perfect stability. At the same time the helmet is extremely light. So, whether you go skiing, snowboarding or fatbiking, this one is our perfect companion for any kind of active winter sport.


My all-time favorite Googles! A purified and frameless design give the SCARLETT a chic and sophisticated look. Why I love them? The embedded premium anti-fog layer in the inner lens disperses water molecules across the surface of the lens, restricting moisture build up that can impede your crystal clear view of the terrain ahead.

Another special technology: The Bollé® polarized lenses feature a polarized film that blocks the horizontal reflected component of light. The result is enhanced contrast and a better reading of relief. Hence, for me the right goggles for my outdoor adventures.

So, get into the winter spirit and enjoy the most magical season of all.


photo credits: Zalando, Maloja, Bollé