As most of you know, winter is my favorite season. Spending all day out in deep powder, enjoying the great outdoors, simply having loads of fun. And afterwards, sipping hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

The Mountains are calling and I must go

It has been a crazy year. Quite literally. I am extremely grateful for all my amazing outdoor adventures, the inspiring people I have met, my wonderful colleagues and clients and the always challenging new projects. I love my job: enjoying the great outdoors, exploring the world, getting creative and also working on strategic stories and campaigns.

But sometimes I forget to take enough time for myself. This year I was working like crazy and barely had any free time just for myself. Maybe four days in total – well, not really. I was always online and available, working on stories, projects, trying to make everyone happy or finding creative solutions. I realized that I was caught in my own filter bubble and started to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by social media. I almost lost myself, started to doubt myself and got stuck on the hamster wheel, acting totally nuts. It felt toxic.

Hence, it is time to pause and do some self-reflection, paying attention to me and my routines. For 2019, I already made some changes: a new IT-setup, less projects, MORE LIVING . My life, my rules!

So, for now, I will be enjoying some personal time before the winter sports season starts. Working on my training, writing my book, spending some hiqh-quality time with my friends and family, processing everything, relaxing and refueling my energy. And I hope you all do the same, ’cause the most magical season of all is around the corner.


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