Last week I took a few days off and only went on a pretty short mountain bike ride in Davos because I wanted to focus on my trail running training.

No Risk, No Fun

I rented a pretty sweet ride at the Bike Academy Davos and initially just wanted to go on an easy tour  along the Sertig Valley. On my way to the MTB route I decided to try one part of the Teufi trail in Davos. I already tried it once and completely failed, since it is actually WAY out of my league, beyond my skill level. But this morning I felt strong and good, just wanted to try part of the trail. No risk, no fun, right?!

It was still tricky and very difficult for me, but I also noticed that I felt much more confident. I am getting better with every single ride. And, the most important thing, I am having so much fun. However, I did make several mistakes, though: once I hit the breaks too hard, sometimes I still have problems with steep slopes, and tree roots are definitely not my favorite. Usually, I would only do a tour like this with a guide so that he or she can correct my posture and give me personal tips, improving my skills.

But I just wanted to know where I stand. When I started in June, I was such a whimp and pretty much sucked. Now, four months later, I have made quite some progress so that I am eager to keep going. I will definitely take more training sessions with a guide, but I also just love to try it alone or with friends.

My legs were shaking after this ride in Davos and my body was pumped with adrenaline, but I was pretty darn proud.

Next thing I wanna try: bunny hops. We’ll see how it goes.


photo credits: V’s World