Davos in Graubünden is one of my favorite holiday destinations, close to my home. It is pretty similar to Bavarian culture, I just love the combination of the woods and magical mountain ranges, it feels like home away from home and it is actually cheaper than staying at Lake Tegernsee or Schliersee. I paid 300 EUR for a 5-day-stay at a four-star hotel with wellness area and indoor pool. Here, near Munich, I would have paid twice as much for a single room.

Another plus: in Davos, you can still find beautiful spots where you are all alone. There I can actually enjoy some privacy and stay off the grid for a few days. No mass tourism, not too many crowds. For me, the perfect place to focus on my training and to refuel my energy. I have fallen in love with this destination.

Grüeni Alp

I have never been to Graubünden during fall season. And boy, I had no idea it can be so magical. I went on a trail run from Davos Platz to the Grüeni Alp and then to the Stafelalp and back to Davos. Initially, I had no plan where I was going, I just wanted to go for a run in the woods and simply let the sun and the views guide me.

Somehow I ended up at the Grüeni Alp and was just speechless. I mean, LOOK AT THESE COLORS! For a moment I stopped and took it all in. Eyes wide open, the biggest smile on my face. Spontaneously, I did my functional training up at the Alp and just loved it. But see for yourself.

The route was just amazing – not very difficult, a pretty easy running tour with enough drinking water along the path so that you won’t need to bring your own.

So, if you ever get a chance to visit Graubünden during fall season, do it.


photo credits: V’s World