Who would have thought a few months ago that I would ever write a headline like this one? I love the progress I have made on my little hardtail, since July. I got much more control of my bike, feel pretty confident riding it and cannot picture a week without my awesome rides along the Isar trail.

Through the woods

I recently discovered a new favorite spot along the Isar trail, on the route to Wolfratshausen. Riding up the hill, flying down a trail through the woods, smelling the trees, catching the autumn sunrays. And I was all by myself – there was nobody else out there. Damn, I LOVED it!

In the morning hours I either go for a run or do some functional training and in the evenings, I often go on a nice ride. Except for the weekend. Then I prefer going on an early ride watching the sunrise.

First, I started out riding along the same path over and over again, working on my technique. Well, as an adrenaline junkie, I need new challenges, chasing the next adrenaline rush. My training with Moni Schäfer really did the trick. Learning the ropes, getting the hang of a proper technique was everything. Now I have reached this point, where I want more. Faster, higher, rougher, dirtier. Of course, since I don’t have the experience, yet, I make more mistakes, sometimes fall or don’t manage every little passage. But this just makes me wanna train even more. Mountain biking requires great dynamic fitness – from quick bursts to sustained cardio output – and incorporates many muscle groups, which is pretty awesome! I want more!

Bike Love

My biggest love – and addiction at the same time – are the great outdoors. Trail running, climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sleeping underneath the stars, you name it. You will find more outdoor stuff in my closet and apartment than anything else. Yes, even my MTB has its place in my apartment. Although it is a rather basic hardtail, I have fallen in love with it, with the sport itself. Hence, it has a nice spot in my living room.

Two nights ago I even had my first mountain bike dream. I was riding through a meadow and then going down a steep hill smiling – made one little jump, closed my eyes and felt like I was flying. And then I woke up – with a huge smile on my face.

Although my hip hasn’t fully recovered, yet, I never stopped biking. Actually, it is pretty annoying, though. Three times my doctor told me everything was all good and then it wasn’t. First they found a hairline fracture, then fluid, then I lost mobility again. A neverending story. I can be patient with everyone else, but not with myself. I can be the most impatient person ever when I am forced to relax, do nothing and simply recover.

Well, the good news first: it looks like I have regained full mobility in my right hip. I might have to deal with some minor issues every now and then, but the treatment did pay off. The bad news: I learned how much my injury kept me from playing with my bike. “Girl, you won’t stay happy with this bike. Neither will your hip, by the way.” (I quoted my physical therapist who has been biking for more than 20 years)

I mean, I bought this bike three months ago, since I wanted to find out, if I like this sport. Hence, I decided not to spend a lot of money, but rather give it a try, challenging me. Seriously, I would have never imagined how much progress I can make within such a short period of time, how addictive it can be. When I had a tough day at the office I think of my bike, going for an awesome ride. When I find a nice magical spot in the woods, I spontaneously decide to work on my technique, during a heavy rain shower I ride along the river as fast as I can and try to ride up the hills as fast as I can. I am still a beginner, still make many mistakes or try to ride trails that are too difficult for me. But I don’t ever wanna miss it.

However, now I have to decide, whether I invest in this basic hardtail, pimp my bike so that I can try more things, keeping the mobility in my right hip or I save up some money over the next months, buying a much better bike. Actually, the decision is easy – pretty logical. I will surely rather save up some money. This means, for tougher parts, I will probably have to tape my hip and might need to make some adjustments, but I am sure it will be worth it. Then, next MTB season, I can use my current bike for regular tours and invest in a good MTB for my trail adventures. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Also, I wanna explore more, pushing my abilities. Mountain biking really has become my happiness drug, riding as much as possible, enjoying this time all by myself.


photo credits: V’s World