Thanks to Helsinki’s northern location, it is the perfect connecting point between the East and the West, an ideal place for meaningful encounters. Finnair enables meaningful connections by flying the short northern route via Helsinki.

Short Movie: East and West Side Story

To celebrate Helsinki’s role as a connecting point between the East and the West, Finnair and Helsinki Airport created a short film about an American author and a Korean photographer, who experience a meaningful encounter in Helsinki.

East and West Side Story: S.P. Novak is a famous American writer with a little secret: no one knows who she is. She is about to get her portrait taken for the first time by a talented photographer from Seoul. But things don’t go as planned…

I really liked this short story – honest, authentic and inspiring. And it reminded me of my days in Finland, when I rented a wooden house, enjoying the great outdoors, training and writing.

Well, done Finnair!