As a single blogger I usually travel alone and pretty much love it. I am generally a very free-spirited person, need my personal freedom and just love to explore the great outdoors, new countries and different cultures. My inner adrenaline junkie barely rests.

Life Changing people you meet

However, I admit being an adventurous traveler can be tough sometimes. There are moments when you wish there was someone there with you, when you feel lonely or could use a helping hand or just a shoulder to cry on. Don’t get me wrong: I would not wanna change anything in my life and totally love my outdoor adventures. But there are always two sides of the same coin. – Then again, there are these magical moments that make it all worth it.

Today I would like to share my thoughts on these special moments you remember, meeting people that make you see life in a different way. When traveling solo you can meet the most wonderful, interesting, helpful people for one day and never see them again. But then, there are also the ones that can actually change your life.

I especially remember someone I met on a guided bike tour. What he did not know back then, that biking so wasn’t my sport and that I was VERY scared in the beginning. I cannot really tell you what happened, but for me, this person surely did some magic. Around him I managed to stay calm and relaxed, to actually have fun – I could completely let go and had an amazing time. In fact, I had so much fun that I started with mountain biking as a new sport and now freaking love it.


I admit, it is somewhat scary that a stranger you just met has such a huge impact. When we wrote or talked, I felt safe, calm and wanted to try more adventurous things. Thanks to him I finally got rid of my fear of going downhill and also used this moment to reflect on things. On what I want, where I wanna live, what makes me happy etc. – I even made some more changes, now living my dream of the great outdoors. I don’t know, if I will ever tell him or if he might read it. But I just wanna say thank you and am grateful for magical moments like these.

So wherever you are, wherever you go. Be open and kind to the people you meet. ‘Cause you never know if he or she might inspire you to change something for the better, or to try new things. Or maybe you are this one person who can change someone’s life.


photo credits: V’s World, Bike Academy Davos