Currently, I am in Davos quite often – almost every two weeks. It sort of has become my new favorite training base during the summer months. Trail running, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, mountaineering: Davos Klosters has it all. But what I love about the destination the most is that it is not too crowded. If I wanna be alone, simply enjoying the great outdoors, no problem. I can focus on my training, work on my skills and refuel my energy at the same time, without getting bothered.

Sports Unlimited in Davos Klosters

I have been training for the Swissalpine Irontrail for two months now and so cannot wait for it. In the beginning of June I already ran the route of the H21. It was quite tricky, since there was still a lot of snow and ice out there. But I managed it and did not feel too tired afterwards. Still recovering from my hip injury, my physical therapist put together a rather easy training schedule, giving me enough time to fully recover. And now I am more than ready. From July 27-29 I will be back in Davos, posting everything live in my Instagram Story, sharing my run with you.

It is going to be a very special run for me, taking along one of my lovely readers. Mountain girl Maria will join me for the race, making it the best race of our lifes. No time limit, no pressure, simply enjoying ourselves and making loads of images during our run or hike.

Cross Training MTB

The past four weeks, I focused more on my cross training allowing me to maintain fitness and still being able to race well. As my physical therapist put it: less is more. Instead of increasing my training units, we scheduled in more time for recovery and cross-training. That helped a lot! Because when you’re injured, it is easy to become emotional and focus only on what you can’t do – run. Not only is this frustrating, but it is unproductive.

By focusing on Mountain Biking as a new sport, it took off all the pressure. Thus, last weekend I took my bike with me to Davos. Staying at the Grischa was the perfect location in order to hit the trails. Three days of biking and afterwards only one relaxing recovery run. Darn, I felt good.

By the way, the service at the hotel Grischa is excellent. Since I took along my bike, I only traveled with my backpack not taking too much stuff with me. They have a special laundry service for bikers, letting you drop off your dirty bike gear by 8.00 p.m. and getting it back all clean by the next morning. I received mine already the same evening, which was awesome. Hence, I could go on an early-morning ride on the day after. – Also, you get a free booklet with MTB touring tips and a voucher for one bike transport, which I LOVED.

I did not need the voucher, since I wanted to ride up myself, but the touring tips are pretty neat. Cannot wait to try them one after another over the next months, depending on my respective skill level.

So, even when you suffer from an injury and need a break from your actual training, don’t get frustrated. With the right training plan and some great cross-training, you will still be able to reach your personal goal.


photo credits: V’s World