Today I had my last check-up at my doctor and am super happy that I have fully recovered from my injury. My cardiovascular health, strength and mobility are top and, as my doctor put it, I am as fit as a fiddle. The perfect conditions to get ready for the Swissalpine Irontrail. YES, finally!

Strong Motivation

Due to recent events in my personal life, I still need to blow off some steam. Currently, I could run in the early morning hours, do strength training during lunch hour and go for a bike ride after work. Of course, I know that I need to find a healthy rhythm, keeping myself in balance, not risking any injuries. Hence, my physical therapist put together a training schedule and I am so looking forward to the next four weeks, getting ready for the Swissalpine Irontrail. Staying focused on this one thing: running the race of my life, simply having fun – having a blast!

Training Schedule: building physical and mental strength

My physical therapist is the best. He knows all about my strength and weaknesses – physically and mentally. The mind and body are extremely well connected. To perform at your best in a workout or a race, keep your focus, improving your mental toughness. Positive energy makes peak performances possible.

Instead of complaining about bad or annoying things, I only focus on things I can control: my thoughts, my emotions, my training form. Together with my physical therapist I take 10 to 15 minutes, creating an image in my mind of what I want to achieve, how I want to feel. It recently worked during my MTB practice, getting rid of my fear of going downhill and it is working during my running training as well. I convert all this energy into positive feelings of self-confidence and strength, simply focusing on my breathing, having no room for any other thoughts. This way, I can run even further, higher and faster – even when my body is already shaking. There is no room for anything else in my head – my mind is completely blank, solely focusing on this one goal of mine.

Additionally to this mental training, I have the following workouts during the week:

  • three running routines: one long run, one speed run and one benchmark run
  • strength training: two times a week, combined with evening bike rides.

So, all in all, not bad. My training schedule will be adjusted on a weekly basis, together with my physical therapist.

My running partner in crime

Thanks to Swissalpine, I was able to raffle one ticket for the big race in the end of July in Davos. I was really impressed how many lovely messages I received and how many of you would really like to try trail running as a new sport.

The decision was not easy, but I picked the lovely Maria from Munich. She lives pretty close to me, is a very active person, feels comfortable in alpine terrain and is a true mountain girl. Please, don’t be disappointed! From July 27 till July 28 I will share everything in my Instagram story and I am pretty sure there will be other opportunities.

Soon, I will launch an outdoor group where I will offer one mountain tour per month somewhere in the German, Austrian or Swiss Alps. So, stay tuned, you lovely mountain girls and boys.


 photo credits: V’s World,