A few days ago I attended the official state reception in Bavaria, honoring the best soccer club in the whole wide world: FC Bayern München. I had such a fun afternoon: picking out my favorite spring style, dressing up for the reception and mingling with other soccer enthusiasts.

This is my favorite spring style

At first, I wasn’t sure what to wear. I knew it had to be somewhat formal, but not too elegant, since it wasn’t an evening gala. For obvious reasons, I also did not just wanna wear jeans and a soccer jersey – I wanted to look pretty, wearing the club colors: red and white. And since it was an official reception by the Bavarian state, I needed to add something blue, since the colors of the Bavarian flag are blue and white.

So, this is what I picked: A midi-dress by Mint & Berry, red plateau sandals from H&M, a blue jeans jacket and a cute red purse from ASOS; the sunnies are from Marc Jacobs. Nothing too fancy, but not too casual either – my favorite spring style.


photo credits: V’s World