The Brecherspitz (1.685m) is a popular mountain near Munich, which can be climbed easily in one day. The mountain arises between Schliersee and Spitzingsee, two lakes in Upper-Bavaria, about 40km away from Munich. Brecherspitz is climable on several routes all the year round: some are short and either, some medium and one is pretty difficult.

Climbing the Brecherspitz

I recently did the difficult tour starting in Neuhaus. You can either go by car and park directly at the train station or you can take the train from Munich to Fischhausen-Neuhaus. The train leaves every full hour and it is only a sixty minute commute. The tour starts directly at the train station – you can simply follow the trail signs to the Brecherspitz. Make sure to take the trail to the Ankelalm – it is breathtakingly beautiful.  Just lying below the ridges and mountain slopes, it is a true idyll for mountain hikers and the ideal place for a little break.

At the Ankelalm, take the left path, walking to the north ridge. Thick mountain pine trees line the path to the summit at 1,685 meters. Once at the top, a breathtaking panoramic view awaits you on the Schliersee, the Tegernsee and the Spitzingsee. For the descent, you need to be sure-footed and free from giddiness. Do not take this path when it is wet or icy! I know what I am talking about and recently slipped at a tricky spot, twisting my ankle and hurting my hip and elbow. If you are not sure or indecisive, take one of the easier ways down.

The black route leads over the rope-secured west ridge to the Firstalm. At the “Obere Firstalm” take the descend via the Trautweinweg (637a) to the Spitzingsattel. From there you hike over the Stockeralm (637) back to Neuhaus. A recommended alternative is the path over the Josefstaler waterfalls and Josefstal.

All in all, it is a six to seven hour tour. Both, ascent and descent are respectively 1,000 m. The risk potential is very high and the hike requires you to be physically fit. You really need to be in good shape to take the black tour!

No matter what route you take, the views are just gorgeous!


photo credits: V’s World