During my trip to the Black Forest in Germany, I recently discovered this amazing premium gin in the town of Bad Peterstal: Boar Gin. Together with my blogger friends, we had a little gin tasting at the distillery.

Boar Gin Distillery in the Black Forest

Distilling is an ancient tradition in the little town of Bad Peterstal, having more than 1,000 distilleries in this region. Yes, ONE THOUSAND. Crazy, isn’t it?! Together with my blogger friends, we visited the Boar Distillery, which dates back to the early 19th century, 1844. The three pals Hannes, Torsten and Mark had this dream of creating the world’s best gin (just like many gin lovers, I might add). Well, it looks like they are getting pretty close to fulfilling their dream!

Boar Gin: it’s all about the flavor

With the juniper in the background, this gin gets a more citrus character. I especially loved the added lavender with a hint of resin, thyme and pine needles, which makes this gin very soft. The truffle is just a very gentle note in the background. 

We were served this with a gin schweppes lavender and orange blossom. As a garnish, Hannes chose a lemon and a sprig of thyme, which made it a royal gin tonic for me. It was literally love at first taste, which is why I shopped two bottles directly at the distillery.

Up till now, my all-time favorite gin was Monkey 47. I am honest: this has now changed. For me, the Boar gin has it all and it is a pure pleasure to taste its flavor coming through gentle and unknown.


photo credit: V’s World