I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I do have a thing for these extraordinay, little pieces. This one accessory that captures a magical moment or this unique bond you have with someone very special. Do you know what I mean? Recently, I came across the jewelry manufacturer Insignety, where you literally find your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Insignety: Craftsmanship meets Technology

Insignety is a jewelry manufacturer based in Amsterdam. At Insignety they manage to create unique jewellery for each individual featuring the highest quality standards. They incorporate biometrics into the jewellery to achieve the ultimate in customisation and to make each piece truly one of a kind. At Insignety, leading specialists meet craftsmen in the industry to develop a revolutionary solution that empowers jewelery retailers to create unique designs with their customers anytime and anywhere.

Picking your perfect ring

I tried it myself and truly fell in love with my individual masterpiece. First, you find your ideal ring size and then go for the perfect shape and fit. Afterwards, you can select your preferred material: gold, silver, platinum etc. So far, so good. Then, the real magic happens! Taking my individual heartbeat and finger print, they created a 3-D model of my one-of-a-kind ring. Look at this precious, little thing!I received this sketch via email, together with a cost estimate. This one-of-a-kind ring (white gold and engraved heart beat and finger print) would cost round about 500 EUR. I did not order it, YET, but I am seriously considering it. Either I will treat myself or I will buy this special ring when I found someone special I would like to share it with – two hearts beating as one. (yeah, I know, corny… deal with it…)


photo credits: V’s World, Insignety, Pexels