Seven bloggers and one dog – many of them didn’t know each other in person – one villa and one hell of an experiment. For one week, we all lived together in a vacation home in Alpirsbach, Black Forest, Germany. You have never heard of Alpirsbach before? No, worries. Up until this little experiment, I haven’t either.

Blogger VillaBlogger Villa in the Black Forest

Together with Tanja, KatjaHubert, Lars and Milos & Mike, I went on an adventurous trip, exploring the Black Forest in Germany. We spent four nights in the Vacation Home Dieboldsberg in Alpirsbach, offering 150 m2 of exclusive living space. This luxury holiday home built in 2013 harks back to traditional Black Forest houses in a modern style which were to be found in earlier times in northern parts of this holiday region. Having five bedrooms, this vacation home can host up to 15 people.

In the living area there is a luxurious corner sofa – enough space for 8 bloggers to hang and chill. They offer an LCD TV and free WiFi. Also, you can make unlimited calls to German landlines at no extra charge. In the open eating area with a beautiful fireplace you can find a big table offering enough place for your whole group.

I personally loved the kitchen which is equipped with modern, high-quality electrical appliances. A modern cooker with a ceramic glass cooktop and a baking oven with self-cleaning function makes it easy to prepare an amazing menu for your friends and family. A dishwasher does the trick afterwards. Additionally, equipment includes a coffee machine and a microwave oven. There are also many cooking utensils, dishes and glasses perfect for your stay.

Only two steps from both the kitchen and the living space will lead you to the terrace with a big wooden ceiling and many seats, as well as a huge charcoal grill. It is all very family- and child-friendly.

Each holiday house has a washing machine and a dryer as well as two car parking spaces on the property premises. Further parking facilities at no extra charge can be found on a parking lot of the public open-air pool.

Black Forest Germany

The Black Forest with its vast forests, open mountain heights and its deep and mysterious lakes and charming valleys is a popular destination for holidaymakers and visitors. Unspoilt landscapes characterize this unique and varied part of the country and almost the whole Black Forest has now been designated as a nature park – the largest one in Germany. It surely is very pretty.

BUT, I have to admit: it is by far not as pretty as the mountain world near Munich. Sorry, but in my opinion, Munich is by far the most beautiful city in Germany, with breathtakingly beautiful views from the near mountain peaks. SORRY!

Highlights from our little adventure in the Blogger Villa

Gin Tasting: Yes, we all LOVED Gin. Gin Tonic on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday… Our motto: one Gin a day keeps any trouble away. Seriously, Gin tonic is by far my favorite long drink. Hence, I am pretty picky regarding taste and preparation. Currently my favorite Gin is the Boar Gin, produced in the Black Forest. Darn, if you are a gin lover, you should definitely try it!

Night hike: We were invited by the pretty cool folks from “Adventure Blackforest”, doing an easy hike called the “Schramberger Burgensteig”. It was a relaxing night hike, exploring the Black Forest. That was exactly my kind of thing! I am an outdoor girl, loving the mountains, loving to hike. Our tour was pretty awesome: cool, relaxed and a lot of fun.

Depending on your fitness level, you can pick different routes, making sure it is a great experience for everyone. Thanks guys, for this awesome tour!

Blogger Big Brother?

I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical beforehand. Sometimes I talk big without thinking things totally through, which makes me do crazy, adventurous things such as going skinny dipping in the ice cold Baltic Sea or joining sort of a blogger big brother. I mean, HELLO, two bathrooms for seven people. THAT is tough. I am not in my twenties anymore and I do love my privacy.

I was actually surprised that we got along so well. No trouble at all – it immediately clicked and we really had a wonderful time together – as if we had already known us for quite some time.

Alright except for one night, when we were watching the soccer game. As many of you know: I am a HUGE FC Bayern München fan and they were playing against Real Madrid – Champions League semi-final. Milos, Lars and Mike supported our biggest “enemy”, which so wasn’t amusing. There was A LOT of tension, since I can be very passionate.

All in all, it was a very interesting experiment that made me see things from a different perspective. If you ask me, we should all leave our comfort zone every now and then, broadening our horizons, breaking our habits. I highly appreciated the networking with other bloggers, exchanging thoughts, ideas, discussing current challenges. A real benefit!

Thank you, Milos, for organizing everything, you crazy, wonderful pal! And one thing is for sure: if any broadcasting station would ever need any support for some scripted reality TV show bringing people together, I can now provide them with MANY insights. Insights that don’t belong in the blog and are not meant for the public.

What happened in the Black Forest, stays in the Black Forest!


photo credits: V’s World, Adventure Black Forest, Vacation Home Dieboldsberg