EMU Australia creates beautifully sumptuous boots that feature Australian Merino Wool and sheepskin. I have fallen in love with the snug, warm boots and slippers – perfect for snowy mountain winters, for rainy days and cool evenings! EMU Australia features woolmark accredited sheepskin and Merino wool, which keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

EMU Australia: Patterson Classic Lo

I myself have two pair of winter boots from EMU Australia: the Patterson Classic Lo in dark red, which I bought myself last fall, and the Patterson Classic Leather Lo in oak. I received the latter for a little blogger shooting, since I have already been a huge fan of the brand. Both boots are a waterproof sheepskin boot providing ultimate protection against rain and snow.

They keep my feet cozy and warm, AND, more importantly, don’t look as bulky as these moon boots.

Mountain Style

During my stay in Switzerland, these cozy boots were some great accessories for my feet.

Whether I wanted to dress rather casual or sporty or a little more fancy, they were the perfect fit for my favorite mountain style at the Grand Hotel Kronenhof. Just like a fairytale!


photo credits: V’s World, special thanks to Milos from Trendlupe for taking the pictures