Badrutt’s Palace offers you unique well-being and rejuvenating treatments in an exclusive realm of wellness in St. Moritz. Take down the elevator to a romantic grotto and get ready for a magical treat at the Palace Wellness.

Palace Wellness

Wellness has always been a top priority for Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, which has been eager to offer only the very best to spa lovers from the outset. Throughout the 20th century, hotel guests have been fans of an active lifestyle, in winter and summer alike. From skiing and ice-skating to swimming and hiking, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is renowned for its varied programme. The infinity swimming pool is just one of the many examples of the hotel’s revolutionary innovation. Built in the late sixties, the pool was considered so unique in its design that it set a benchmark for Alpine resorts.

When it comes to spa treatments, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel has always wanted to be ahead of the competition, and its Palace Wellness spa has been renovated in line with the latest trends. After substantial and painstaking refurbishment, Palace Wellness has been remodelled into a true oasis.

And since Palace Wellness is an ever-evolving concept, guests can expect the spa range to change and expand from season to season, whether they are looking for weight loss, detox, rejuvenation or self-healing. Designed to adapt to each individual’s current state of being, these programmes produce exceptional results, helping guests to implement long-term lifestyle changes to maintain the desired effects and reach a superior level of overall wellbeing.

First-Class Hotel Spa

Condé Nast Traveler listed the spa of Badrutt’s Palace in St-Moritz among the top ten of The Most Tranquil Spas in the World. And to top it all: at the World SPA Awards 2017 in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel was awarded Switzerland’s best Hotel SPA.

These awards are well-deserved. At Palace Wellness you can enjoy simplicity, restore your balance and enhance the state of your wellbeing. I truly enjoyed my morning swim, right after sunrise, enjoying this peacefulness in St. Moritz. I say: Let the magic enchant you. The laid-back luxury and the hotel’s particular magic is what makes it so special!


photo credits: V’s World