Woody, cozy and cuddly: a new restaurant has emerged from the 100 year old stable next to the Jakobshorn valley station – the Stall Valär.  A modern, hip venue for food enthusiasts.

Stall Valär DavosStall Valär Davos

Maximum staging of regional products at the Stall Valär

Speaking of food: The menu can be seen. “Our goal was to maximally stage the great products that can be found around Davos. We offer a down-to-earth cuisine – but guests always like our extra idea and love of detail,”is how top chef Pascal Schmutz sums up the food concept he has developed for Stable Valär. The 27-year-old chef Paride Giuri implements his creations locally. Giuri grew up in Davos and now returns to Davos for the “Stall Valär”.

Stall Valär DavosStall Valär Davos Stall Valär Davos I had the Veggie Tatar for starters, followed by Swiss beef ribs (Rippli) and delicious sorbet for dessert.

Stall Valär Davos Stall Valär Davos Stall Valär DavosSeriously, the food is AMAZING! And I especially loved the atmosphere: a combination of industrial flair, combined with wooden decor you will find in the best mountain huts: hip, modern and cozy!

Stall Valär: Proven hosts with a good sense of smell

Marc Blickenstrofer, Mischa Dietrich, Roger Link and Tom Maurer are at the wheel as tenants. The four restaurateurs are no strangers: they have been operating well-known addresses such as the urban city garden “Frau Gerolds Garten”, the specialist sports bar Calvados, Quarzierbeiz Gartenhof or the star restaurant Maison Manesse in Zurich for around 15 years. The tenants are convinced that Valär Stable is exactly what was missing in Davos so far.

I say: absolutely! The “Stall Valär” has what it takes to become the new scene venue of Davos. That is exactly that kind of venue Davos needs.


photo credits: V’s World, Stall Valär (Nicole Kägi)