With a population of 851,373, Amsterdam is the capital and most populous municipality of theNetherlands. There’s so many things to do in Amsterdam that it is worth a three-day city trip. I recently spent my birthday in beautiful Amsterdam and decided to put together some of my personal highlights for a day trip. Check out my tips when spending one day in Amsterdam.

one day in Amsterdamone day in AmsterdamOne Day in Amsterdam

I took the Flixbus from Münster to Amsterdam, spending only 25 EUR for my tickets. It is a 3-hour drive and a very relaxing way to travel. Arriving at the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, you simply take the train to Amsterdam Centraal. It is a 5-minute train ride and costs around 3 EUR. Make sure to buy your tickets online in order to save some money.

one day in Amsterdam

To get an overview of the city, you can start with a one-hour canal cruise. Amsterdam is a city built on water. No wonder that canal cruises are the ultimate way of getting to know the city. I can recommend the 100 Highlights Cruise, operated by Stromma. On this cruise, you won’t miss one bit of the beautiful city of Amsterdam and you’ll find out just why the canals of Amsterdam have been given World Heritage status by UNESCO. Basically, the 100 Highlights Cruise is your perfect introduction to Amsterdam.

Cultural Highlights in Amsterdam

Amsterdam museums are among the main tourist attractions. The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and the Stedelijk Museum are the most popular choices, but there are many interesting small museums. There are seventy five Amsterdam museums, which attract almost seven million visitors every year.

one day in Amsterdam

Streetart fans should visit the Moco museum. The Moco museum in Amsterdam has a wide range of modern, inspiring and contemporary art that we show to the public. Moco Museum focuses on proven artists who have their own vision. The competition comes nowhere near it. These protagonists are called the ‘rock stars of art’. These artists use a lot of irony towards modern society, that is what makes them so special. Think of the artists: Banksy and Warhol. Moco provides inspiration and eye openers for all the visitors. With this, moco speaks to a wide audience. Visitors who come to the museum Moco will experience art that is nowhere to be seen but here.

One Day in Amsterdam: Have a drink at a local Pub

For a taste of authentic Amsterdam flavour and Dutch culture, don’t miss a visit to a traditional Dutch pub known as a ‘brown café’ (bruin café). These local watering-holes are a quintessential part of Amsterdam’s culture – and are the favoured haunts of some colourful local personalities.

One famous brown café is the In ‘t Aepjen. This brown café is simultaneously one of the oldest and newest examples in the city. Housed in one of the oldest buildings in the city dating from 1475, its annex was a tavern in the 17th century, but the ground floor only became a café in 1990.

Culinary Highlights when spending one day in Amsterdam

You HAVE to try the local cuisine when spending one day in Amsterdam. Dutch Meatballs (Bitterballen) are a classic Dutch bar snack. You should really try them. Bitterballen, one of Holland’s favorite snacks, are bite-size beef and gravy croquettes usually served along with beer. In my opinion, you will find the best Bitterballen at the Ballenbar, inside the Foodhallen.

one day in amsterdam

And you just HAVE to stop by at café Winkel. They seriously have the best apple pie in the city. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s trendy de Jordaan district, Winkel 43 is well loved by the locals for its traditional apple pie. This crumbly delight served with a generous helping of cream can be bought as a dessert or alongside a frothy cappuccino during lunchtime.

So, maybe you will try some of these tips on your next trip to Amsterdam. It surely is worth a visit!


photo credits: V’s World, Moco MuseumBallenbar, Shane Aldendorff from Pexels, Marko Zirdum from Pexels, SkitterphotoShovy Rahman from Pexels, Pixabay