Meet the she-devil in Switzerland: the Diavolezza. The Diavolezza is a panorama mountain with mountain restaurant at 3000 m, skiing area, high-altitude cross-country track, glacier walks and via ferrata climb. 

Diavolezza: Best Seat in Nature

Legend has it that hunters once casually followed the red-headed mountain nymph only to disappear for ever – and it’s from this little devil that the mountain supposedly made itself a name!

It is an ideal spot to lay back and absorb fantastic views courtesy of Mother Nature and a deckchair – or perhaps a bubbling hotel pool. Guests at the Berghaus can spend the night in double or multi-bed rooms.

Others may choose to climb to the Munt Pers, along a narrow but perfect path leading to an extraordinary grill and picnic spot on the Sass Queder, ascend the walkway to the Piz Trovat or even climb the Piz Palü in the company of a mountain guide. A classic glacier hike leads from the Diavolezza over the Pers Glacier to Isla Persa, then over the Morteratsch Glacier and on up to the Morteratsch station. I recommend you make this tour in the company of a mountain guide.

Full-moon Magic at the Diavolezza

When the full moon (“Glüna Plaina” in Romansh) lights up the landscape, nothing beats a dinner at the Diavolezza mountain restaurant followed by a descent of the tranquil slopes down to the valley. Simply “fabulus”, say locals in Romansh, which means like a fable or fairy tale – and that this is an experience you should not miss on any account. The Grand Hotel Kronenhof informed us about this upcoming event, bringing on some real magic. Evening ticket for skiers: 33.- CHF.

If you don’t ski, no worries. Simply put on the snowshoes and go for a nice midnigt walk, enjoying the magic of the full moon. Believe me, you will get goosebumps all over and will truly feel like being part of a fairy tale, enjoying the true beauty of mother nature.

Next time, when you are in Engadin / St. Moritz during winter season, make sure to look out for it. Check the local site for the next full-moon magic.


photo credits:, Engadin St. Moritz (Christof Sonderegger, Gian Andri Giovanoli), Switzerland Tourism (Sebastien Staub)