Mainly known as the city which represents 19th century architecture in Ohio, Cincinnati has a lot of experiences to offer to you. There are a lot of places to see in Cincinnati, from quintessential urban attractions to zoos to museums to churches. If you are looking to have completely different kind of excursions and want to do something offbea on your trip, then here are the things to do in Cincinnati in terms of excursions that you can undertake.

1. Prohibition Resistance Brewery Tour

Cincinnati has a very special connection to beers. A lot of it’s industry in the past had flourished because of beer. The Prohibition Resistance Brewery Tour has a special guide who takes you through the era before prohibition and right after it as well. The best part is that it will also take you through some of the best beers in town. It definitely should top your list of things to do in Cincinnati.

2. Newport Gangster Tour

If you are thinking of what places to see in Cincinnati that do not normally feature on common itineraries, then this tour is definitely worth undertaking. This one is a tour which is full of swag. Cincinnati used to be a hotbed for criminal activities and you can actually check out the areas where all of these criminal activities took place. The guide takes you through the streets and literally walks you through some of the most dangerously historic events that have taken place here.

3. Eden Park Segway Tour

Are you up for some awesome fun in the rolling hills of the park? Well, then the rolling Segway is definitely something you should try out. The gardens are pretty amazing and this tour covers a lot of interesting information about this area. There was a crime committed here in the broad daylight ages ago by a gangster back in the day. The tour guide will take you through all of it and more.

4. Cincinnati Reds Ballpark Tour

This tour is highly advisable for people who are into baseball. You definitely should undertake this tour if you are an avid baseball player. It takes you through the areas where Cincinnati Reds play and some areas of the Ballpark which are not even accessible to the locals of the city. You will learn about one of the most important aspects of Cincinnati through this tour and will go back as a localite for sure. The guide will sportingly (literally) take you through the history of the game and the team along with how the stadium came into being. It is definitely one of the excursions you should take while on a trip to Cincinnati.

5. Queen City Underground Tour

This tour definitely needs to be in your itinerary if you are an Indiana Jones fan. It takes you through the time pre prohibition and definitely would tell you a lot of things about Cincinnati that you would not know otherwise. The architecture is simply incredible and there is a lot of history that you can pick up here.


photo credits: Pixabay (JohnDubet, 12019, WikimediaImages), Creative Commons CC0