There is currently more snow in the Swiss mountains than there has been for a long time. Wild animals feel the same. That’s why freeriders and ski tourers have to respect the wildlife zones.

The currently great snow conditions are good for winter sports enthusiasts. For wild animals, on the other hand, this means one thing above all: a naked fight for survival. The roe deer, deer, chamois and ibexes that usually scrape out of the snow to eat are now under a thick blanket of snow. It can even happen that the animals get stuck in the snow and die.

Do not feed wild animals and respect wildlife sanctuaries

Now the gamekeepers act: The current emergency feeding plans to provide hay and cut prosswood. This refers to trunks and branches made of soft wood, whose bark or buds can eat wild animals. However, the feeding of wild animals is still taboo for locals and guests. In addition, freeriders, snowshoe and ski tourers must respect the wildlife zones. More information can be found at


photo credits: Copyright by Pilatus-Bahnen;, DAVOS Klosters