Ever wondered, if a trip to the Zugspitze is worth it? Well, here is a simple answer for you: yes, yes, YES! Check out my images from my recent snowshoeing trip.


The new record-breaking cable car

The new Zugspitze Cable Car went into operation at Germany’s highest peak on 22nd December 2017. Two fully glazed high-capacity cabins will transport up to 580 passengers per hour to the peak.

Along the journey, they traverse the world’s highest steelwork pylon for aerial tramways at 127 metres, the world’s greatest overall height difference of 1,945 metres over one section as well as the world’s longest unsupported span, measuring 3,213 metres. Three records, which passengers can experience as they savour full panoramic views of picturesque Lake Eibsee, Waxenstein and the Alpspitze.


Integrated window heaters make it possible to enjoy unobstructed visibility even in bad weather, and as far as Munich on clear days. Both cabins are eye-catchers in themselves, with their elegant and understated design. Once at the top of Germany’s highest peak, visitors can look forward to unique 360° panoramic views of over 400 alpine peaks in four different countries, as well as a range of all-year round adventures.

Zugspitze - neue Zugspitzbahn

My opinion: Yes, the new cable car does look stylish and the views are breathtakingly beautiful. BUT: you do need to be patient. Prepare yourself for long queues! We had to wait for 45 minutes to hop in, which can be a bit annoying. Also: it is quite expensive. The Zugspitze ticket costs 45 EUR for adults. Attractive family discounts are available on all cable car tickets for families with children. I recommend to check for combi tickets with the German railway. We spent 50 EUR for the round-trip from Munich to the Zugspitze, including a day pass. That was the cheapest deal we could get.

Snowshoeing at the Zugspitze

This is no exaggeration: The 2,962 metre high Zugspitze is a mountain of superlatives. Germany’s highest elevation is home to three glaciers, a unique 360°panorama including mountain peaks from four countries and an attractive range of activities.

Together with some of my colleagues, we went on a snowshoeing tour at the Zugspitze. We decided to book a guided tour at Vivalpin in order to have the best equipment and to stay on safe routes. 39 EUR for a three-hour tour at the glacier with incredible views. The tour itself was not really difficult, but you should have some hiking experience in alpine regions. Otherwise, you might feel a bit dizzy due to the height difference. – But see for yourself, how beautiful it can be.


Igloo Village at the Zugspitze

After the tour, we had a little stop at the local igloo village. It was smaller than I expected, but soooo lovely. We had some hot drinks, checked out the ice sculptures and simply enjoyed ourselves.

Igloo Village Zugspitze

I so cannot wait to actually sleep in an igloo at the end of February in Switzerland.

A little tip at the end: Make sure to watch the beautiful sundown at the summit. It is EXTREMELY cold during winter, but incredibly romantic. <3


photo credits: V’s World