For me as an outdoor enthusiast, a sustainable lifestyle is important. It ranges from a sustainable energy provider and renewable sources to the usage of public transportation. But when it comes to my second home, the great outdoors, it is not always possible to access the most magical mountain spots via train or bus. Hence, I use carsharing services every now and then, going on a road trip with friends. Thus, I would like to introduce a sustainable carsharing service in Munich to you: BeeZero.


BeeZero is the world’s largest and friendliest hydrogen-powered carsharing service. With BeeZero, a brand-new, eco-friendly and modern form of mobility is coming to town. Thanks to innovative hydrogen technology, you can be part of it and help to reduce pollution and traffic noise without having to forego the amenities a car has to offer. The BeeZero carsharing service is an environmentally sound alternative to having your own car – for private getaways as well as for business trips. Of course, the people of Munich are not the only ones that can register for BeeZero – tourists are also welcome to discover the sights in and around Munich in a hydrogen car.

Sustainable Urban Lifestyle

BeeZero is part of a new movement that combines two current trends: ‘Sharing instead of owning’ and ‘zero emissions’. With this new form of carsharing, you can get a real experience of hydrogen technology and discover it for yourself. BeeZero believes in hydrogen as the driving force of the future.

BeeZero stands for a new, emission-free mobility. The attractive brand with the bee in its name is an appeal to all to become part of an environmentally conscious society: Let’s BeeZero! The ‘bee’ stands for nature and environmental protection, but also for a positive social behaviour designed to achieve common goals within a society. I think, this is the way to go.

To the mountains with BeeZero

A getaway to the lake, a trip to the countryside, hiking in the mountains or just a drive to the hardware store – all of this can be done with BeeZero! Their Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell hydrogen cars have a range of 400 km and seats for up to 5 people. Reason enough for me to just hop in and get out of the City!

Together with my friend Andrea, I recently tried this modern carsharing service when we went to go see a Christmas market at lake Tegernsee. The set-up was pretty simple. I just donwloaded the app, filled out the form and used a gift voucher from BeeZero so that I did not need to pay the registration fee. But to be honest: the fee was only 19 EUR and I even would have paid for it myself, since it is more than fair – especially for a sustainable carsharing service!

The registration process requires personal data such as name, address, contact details and the information about the preferred payment method as well as a driver’s license validity check. To use the BeeZero carsharing service, you need an EU driver’s license (class B) or a card respectively paper driver’s license of Class 3, issued by a German public authority before 19.01.2013. A valid driver’s license from abroad permitting the use of a BeeZero vehicle will also be accepted. The Linde Hydrogen Concepts GmbH reserves the right to reject registrations, if reasonable doubts about the validity of a driver’s license exist.

I simply used the PostIdent app to validate my driver’s license and passport, which worked just fine as well. By the way, the app is pretty handy. Once you registered and have your documents validated, they are stored for future services. This initial set-up took maybe an hour in total, if not less.

Instructions when using BeeZero

Make sure to provide the payment data before your first ride. The payment data can be provided directly after the registration process or anytime via the BeeZero Website. You can change your credit card or switch between the payment methods anytime. SEPA direct debit can only be changed weekly (7 days).

The activation and opening of the BeeZero car requires in total your email, password and the entering of a selected PIN code – the email and password to log in and the PIN code to make a reservation. You can choose your own PIN code when registering for BeeZero. To start the engine, you just have to push the start/stop-button. Opening and activation require the application of a Smartphone, using bluetooth.

BeeZero aims to provide spontaneous mobility, meaning that in general, reserving your car well in advance is not necessary. However, it is possible to reserve the selected vehicle free of charge for the first 60 minutes, then they charge the time price. In order to avoid any unexpected costs, you will receive a reminder from the BeeZero team before the expiration of the free reservation interval. A reservation between midnight and 6:00 a.m. is also always free of charge. For a 6 hour trip and roughly 100 km, we would have paid something between 45 and 50 EUR.

Both, the duration of usage and the maximum distance are not restricted by the BeeZero carsharing service. Please keep in mind, however, that the distribution of the fueling stations and the maximum range of the fuel cell electric vehicle (400 km) representing limiting factors.

All in all, I find it pretty easy to handle and had no problems at all!

Environmental benefits of carsharing

If you use public transportation often but are in need of a car occasionally or find that you frequently travel to major cities around the world and require a car rental, an environmentally friendlier option to car rental or car ownership could be a car share.

Car share companies offer low annual fees, free gas, some free mileage, hourly and daily rates, and insurance as well as a wide variety of car types including hybrid cars. The environmental benefits of car sharing include:

  • Fewer cars on the road leading to less air pollution
  • Gas and oil savings due to driving less
  • Monetary savings from car maintenance are poured back into buying local and sustainable products
  • Less parking infrastructure and less road expansions
  • More resources for park development and urban green spaces
  • Indirect benefit of more walking and bicycling
  • Versatility in vehicle choice depending on your specific need for that time frame

Do you need more arguments?! I would like to emphasize that, although this is a paid partnership, I truly believe in this concept and BeeZero is – next to a local, non-profit carsharing service – the only carsharing service I use in Munich. So, let’s all be a more responsible and move the world with zero emissions. Learn more about it and give it a try!

Update on March 15th,2018: Unfortunately, this service will no longer be available. I hope that similar services will have a much bigger impact in the near future.


photo credits: V’s World, BeeZero

This Story is part of a collaboration with BeeZero. However, thoughts are my own!