Do you know this feeling when you are actually happy and thankful for everything life has to offer but you just need to take a little break, to relax and unwind? I have been working like crazy for the past two years. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, AT ALL. I am very grateful for everything and take nothing for granted. But sometimes you just need to slow down a bit.

Relax and Unwind

As a freelance writer, social media manager and blogger I am always on the road, always out there, always available on social media. Thus, every now and then I “force” myself to take a break: no cell phone, no laptop, no business meetings, just living consciously for a few days and preferably enjoying the great outdoors – being completely at peace with myself.

There is one thing that is still on my bucket list, though. Quite simple, actually: a Long wellness weekend with my bff. No kidding! We have gone on awesome road trips, went to concerts, hiking, exercising together, but somehow we haven’t found the time to unwind together, YET. Just writing it, is actually a shame. Two ladies who are HUGE wellness fans haven’t managed to go on a wellness trip, together. HELLO?!

Well, if I had to make a new year’s resolution, this would be it: one wellness weekend together with my bff in 2018. Alright, now it is official. You are all witnesses. ;-)

Winter Wellness Special at the DAS KRONTHALER in Austria

This looks like a perfect hideaway for the well-travelled and connoisseurs. For mountaineers and the style-conscious, looking for something special, and seeking out surprise – the hotel DAS KRONTHALER****S . In a majestic, panoramic location, high above the rooftops of Achenkirch, in Tyrol.

They have a winter wellness special, promising to unwind and rejuvenate. Just looking at their spa packages makes me wanna go there right now.

They promise quite an unforgettable experience: “Every moment can be precious. Each breath fills you with fresh ease and every touch grants new strength. In this 4-star superior spa and wellness hotel, high above the rooftops of Achenkirch, the forces of nature invigorate, the language of the elements and the peace of the mountain world revive the senses, opening them to an experience as valuable as your trip itself.”

This does sound sooooo good. At over 2500 m², my bff and I could celebrate a true WELLNESS LIFESTYLE on Lake Achen, enjoying stimulating and relaxing days at this spa hotel in Tyrol.

I am not sure, if we will go there, but their packages have surely inspired me to look for a bff wellness trip in 2018. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please drop me an email and I will check it out.


photo credits: DAS KRONTHALER