Rest and recovery is an essential part of any workout routine. Your after-exercise recovery routine has a big impact on your fitness gains and sports performance and allows you to train much more effectively. Thus, I would like to introduce VENEX, the life-science regeneration wear.

VENEX Life-Science Regeneration Wear

VENEX Life-Science Regeneration Wear originally goes back to the development of a fibre consisting of a mix of minerals and platinum. Research was thereby focusing on stimulating a component of the vegetative nervous system: the parasympathetic (calming branch of the nervous system). The effect of the V-TEX® fibre is thereby achieved through interaction with the skin receptors.

In 2009, the first products of this patented and superior fibre were finally launched onto the market. This unique revolution in the field of regeneration wear differs in one major aspect from traditionally known products: It supports and accelerates regeneration in the resting phases.

VENEX Regeneration Wear became more and more popular and the familiarity grew rapidly amongst athletes and professional sportsmen, especially through recommendation marketing.

This special wear is characterised by its loose fit and is consequently very pleasant to wear. The wearing characteristics, without compression of muscles and the use during resting phases, have contributed to the fact that VENEX Life-Science Regeneration Wear is a standard for professional sport. Due to a book offering a holistic view at the topic regeneration published by VENEX in Japan (900,000 copies sold in three years) many customers already use the advantages of VENEX as a wellness and home wear.

The lack of true relaxation

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated stress to be the most jeopardizing danger of the 21st century in the industrial countries.

Stress does affect our body and our soul and shows through symptoms such as being exhausted (physical/ mental fatigue) and feeling worn out, as well as in emotional overdrive, sleep irritations, psychosomatic disorders, a frequency of headaches, back and joint pains, chronic pain. Depression and burn-out signify the end of such a spiral.

And this is exactly where VENEX comes in. The characteristics of the patented V-TEX® Regeneration Fibre developed by VENEX activate the parasympathetic nerve system and thus support our body’s regeneration process during resting phases and sleep.

VENEX Regeneration Wear offers maximum relaxation in phases of rest and during sleep. Hence, our performance during phases of activity is improved accordingly.The effect remains till a distance of 2 cm to the skin and also works with lightweight underwear clothing.

The platinum-mineral mix of the V-TEX® Regeneration Fibre gives a signal that is sent to our brain via the receptors of the skin (1). This command leads to an extension of the blood vessels and activates the parasympathetic (3) nervous system (the so called “calming branch of the nervous system”).

My personal experience with VENEX

I have been wearing VENEX for roughly two weeks now and already noticed some positive effects. When wearing the regeneration wear after one of my long runs,  I could feel an increased blood circulation in the beginning which led to a comfy feeling of warmth and relaxation. I really feel that my body recharges more quickly than usual, I experience less tension in my muscles and noticed an improvement of my overall wellbeing.

Also, I sleep so much better when wearing VENEX at night. This is so incredible. I don’t remember when I woke up so well-rested. I generally feel more relaxed and more powerful.

For those of you who are also living a fast-pacing lifestyle, I can truly recommend VENEX, since it really helps to refuel your energy during the short resting phases in everyday life.

So, don’t forget to give yourself enough time to relax, regenerate and refuel your energy. You will see, how it makes you much happier.


photo credits: V’s World, VENEX

I was provided test samples of the regeneration wear in order to try it after my workout routine. This did not influence my opinion – on the contrary: the result speaks for itself.