If you asked me what my favorite travel destination was, I would say: Switzerland. Yes, I am serious! Whenever I travel to this beautiful country, I experience magical moments, feel so down-to-earth and am incredibly happy and calm. It seems like I have found my personal elixir of life in Switzerland. I have fallen in love with this country and its breathtakingly beautiful and diverse nature.

Hence, it is about time to prepare my bucket list for this upcoming winter season. Not sure, if I manage to check out everything, but I certainly put together some of my personal highlights. Check out these outdoor adventures in Switzerland!

Romantic Getaway at an Igloo Village

I am a winter person: I love the cold, fresh air and some fresh powder. That is all I need to put a smile on my face. A huge dream of mine was to spend one night in a real igloo. This is actually number one on my bucket list and I am already making plans with my blogger friend Milos hoping to share our little igloo adventure in 2018 with you. I already read about the igloo villages in GstaadDavos Klosters, Engelberg and Zermatt and am pretty curious.

Copyright by: Schweiz Tourismus By-Line: swiss-image.ch/Christof Sonderegger

The hotels out of snow are built with muscle power, snow ploughs, balloons and plenty of passion in around 3,000 hours every winter. A tunnel system connects the igloos to each other and international artists decorate the interior spaces of the Igloo-Villages with careful attention to detail, creating enchanting fantasy worlds in snow and ice art. This would be so cool, checking everything out. How cold is it really? Is it comfy? Do you get bored? Or is it just magical? What is it like?

So, stay tuned, chances are that Milos and I will take you on a little igloo adventure this upcoming winter season, sharing ALL the details with you.


This year I went on my first snowshoeing tour and totally loved it. Since I don’t really ski, but love to go hiking on a regular basis, snowshoeing is an awesome alternative for outdoor enthusiasts. If you have never been snowshoeing before, I can recommend the great Aletsch Glacier, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Copyright by: Switzerland Tourism By-Line: swiss-image.ch/Christof Sonderegger

There you can explore 14 km of snowshoe trails, rent all the equipment you need and can also join guided walks. Off the beaten track through the snow-covered countryside: you will feel at one with nature. The selected Aletsch Arena snow shoe routes are recommended walks for an unforgettable experience of the beauty of this landscape, and will take you safely through untouched nature.

Christmas Market Montreux

This one is said to be among the most beautiful Christmas markets in Switzerland. As of late November and until 24 December, the Montreux Christmas Market features each year 160 decorated and illuminated chalets along the quays of Lake Geneva.

In the best of Christmas traditions, crafts, tastings of regional culinary delights, mulled wine and thousands of gift ideas await you each year at this truly superlative market. In a warm and festive atmosphere, you will also discover exceptional musical entertainment. I think, the video says it all!

Dragon Ride

The name itself sounds simply awesome, a bit mythical and adventurous. The perfect combination for some outdoor fun! – It may not breathe fire, but it’s still hot: the “Dragon Ride” aerial cableway whizzes from Fräkmüntegg straight to Pilatus Kulm, over 2,132 m above sea level.

Copyright by Pilatus-Bahnen AG By-line: swiss-image.ch/Urs Wyss

The “Dragon Ride” has a cockpit-like design and an almost fully glazed exterior, so it feels just like flying as you enjoy the views of Lake Lucerne and the surrounding Alps on the 3.5-minute ride. You can continue the experience by using a special vehicle for the return journey from Fräkmüntegg; ride down the slopes to Krienseregg on a snowbike, choosing a blue or red piste depending on your skill level.

Ice Climbing

This is another dream of mine. However, I am not sure, if I am strong and skilled enough. Nevertheless, I would LOVE to give it a try and would even train for it, if necessary. Whether it is going to be this or next season, I would like to do an ice climbing course for beginners.

Copyright by Switzerland Tourism By-line: swiss-image.ch/Christof Sonderegger

The Alps has always provided great winter climbing conditions with typically low and stable temperatures forming some amazing ice. During a course, you can experience high quality climbing with expert coaching and instruction which is always tailored to an individual’s climbing ability, experience and aspirations. This would definitely be the toughest challenge for me and I admit, it is probably also a bit scary. But my inner adrenaline junkie made me put it on my bucket list. :D

I hope this inspires you as well. If you have any tips or other suggestions, please drop me an email – as usual. I will certainly share my outdoor adventures throughout the whole winter season.


photo credits: V’s World, Switzerland Tourism