Shop local, eat local, spend local and enjoy local. Local businesses support the area where you live, work and play. Hence, I am a huge fan of local shops and designers.

Today I would like to introduce you to the eye shop MASS & STIL. It is not a traditional optician, but rather a smart store concept focusing on individual art pieces and designs.

MASS & STIL in Munich

As master optician Christian puts it: “For me, the most important aspect is the customer – an individual human being with individual needs.” Mass merchandise does not really match this idea and concept. At MASS & STIL you can expect individual, high quality service with recommendations that fit to your lifestyle and your personality.

But they are much more than just your personal experts for your ideal eyewear. At MASS & STIL you will find many more unique accessories that underline your individual style: art pieces, home decor and even furniture. Everything is unique!

Individual Design

I recently checked out the store when I went on a shopping spree, looking for a new pair of sunnies. The opticians Christian and Michi made it possible to find the ideal design for me: these stylish aviators. The color fits perfectly to my blonde hair and the pilot’s specs simply are a true classic.

Whether you are looking for high quality sunnies for a fair price or uniquely manufactured masterpieces, this is your local place in Munich. – Oh, and I so digged their industrial design.
So, in case you are looking for new glasses or just wanna get inspired by local, industrial design pieces, make sure to stop by at the store. Christian and Michi will welcome you with open arms.




photo credits: V’s World, MASS & STIL