Yesterday I did a classic tour at lake Tegernsee in Bavaria: the Tegernseer Höhenweg from Gmund to Rottach-Egern. A beautiful, easy hiking trail that is also suitable for dogs and children.

Nature trails at lake Tegernsee

Germany is renowned not only for its neat towns and groomed landscapes, but also for an approach to the natural world around us that calls us to respect, tend and also learn to understand it. The tradition of nature trails was started in the US, and in the Tegernsee Valley you will find a number of well-tended ones worthy of discovery. We decided to do a classic from Gmund to Rottach-Egern.

Health Benefits

The Health Climate hiking paths and tours are of outstanding physiological and therapeutic value due to the sheer quality of the air. Located in higher regions above 800 to 1,000 m, they will help pump your lungs full of pure and refreshingly cool air. You will not be exposed to strenuous amounts of direct sunshine and will be able to withstand the morning coldness or a sudden weather change with the right equipment. Most paths are open year round, are gentle on the joints and lead you through terrain where sun and shadow intersperse. The idea is to strengthen and tone the muscles by means of steady but gentle exercise. This helps to build stamina and resilience and saves the airways.

Do check out the Health Walking Park in advance or upon arrival, assemble your very own set of routes – and return home a fitter and more balanced person! If your are up for a longer tour, check out this travel tip.


photo credits: V’s World