The hiking trail to the Grünsteinhütte (green stone hut) is a wonderful tour with a stunning view over the Königssee: an emerald-green gem of a lake in the Berchtesgaden National Park.

Cardiovascular Test Trail

The hiking trail to the Grünsteinhütte is a cardiovesticulat test trail, testing your personal limits, making sure you are up for alpine adventures such as the Watzmann. It is an easy 1.5 hour hike through the forest.

It is quite a steep ascent, though, teaching you the right technique. It is important to find a rhythm between your breathing and stride. This is most applicable to long gradual uphills on relatively even terrain, where you don’t have to worry too much about foot placement.

Maintain a steady pace and take fewer breaks, rather than walking faster and having to stop more regularly. By keeping your heartbeat relatively constant rather than subjecting it to dramatic fluctuations, you will expend less energy and cover more distance. Once again, think tortoise rather than hare.

To decrease the gradient on very steep ascents, consider zigzagging rather than going straight up. My personal tip: If you are really feeling it on a long, steep ascent, consider using the Rest Step. With each stride forward, lock/straighten your back leg, momentarily shifting the weight on to the joints rather than the muscles.

If you manage this easy trail, you are definitely ready for more alpine adventures.


photo credits: V’s World