My brother Kai and I are off to a relaxing weekend, chilling, cruising and enjoying life. Together we were trying the new longboard by Jucker Hawaii who kindly provided us with a free sample.


For me, longboarding is much easier than skateboarding. It developed from surfing when surfers had the idea of fixing roller skate wheels under their boards in order to be able to experience the fun of riding on their boards on the street as well as on the water. It was only later that the boards were shortened, new tricks were added and skateboarding developed from longboarding.

As the boards are longer, the axles are further apart and the roller skate wheels are larger and softer, riding on a longboard is a considerably more pleasant experience than riding on a skateboard. And it is also perfect for beginners. My brother moved relatively quickly and safely from the start. I was still a bit shaky to begin with, but after a short period of practicing, I managed it as well and enjoyed cruising around, forgetting everything around me.


You can win one of five longboards. Just send an email to, put Jucker Hawaii in the subject line and tell us why you need a new longboard. The 3 flex levels and its shape makes the HOKU (Hawai’an for star) a perfect allrounder for longboarders of all ages and weight class.

The kicktail on both ends allow the rider to use the board for tricks. The dropthrough truckmount keeps the center of gravity low which makes the board a great cruiser. The fiberglass/bamboo construction of the deck is extremely durable without impacting the weight of the board. Overall is the NEW HOKU a great allround board for sliding, carving, cruising, downhill and freeriding.

Terms and conditions:

The raffle will be live from August 12th, 2017 till August 16th, 2017, 11:59 p.m. Make sure to send your email within this period of time – otherwise you are not eligible for joining the prize draw. The lucky winner will be chosen at random. If you are the one, please provide us with your full name and address within three working days. We only ship to Germany. No limit or warranty! You automatically accept these terms and conditions when joining the contest by sending an email to with your request on the raffle.

So, good luck, everyone – I hope, you like it!

Editor’s note – lucky winners:

Thank you all so much for participating in the raffle. The lucky winners are: Nyazi A. from Herzebrock, Tom L. from Hamburg, Mike H. from Lünen and Sonja H. from Kiel. Don’t forget to send us some pictures and have fun cruising.


photo credits: V’s World

the longboards are kindly sponsored by Jucker Hawaii