Folks, I am tired of all these fake images, illusions and somewhat illegal stories on the internet. You can literally say that the influencer marketing is at its lowest point right now. Due to all these photoshopped and dishonest stories, users no longer know what to believe – or even worse: they believe this dishonest crap what is going on right now.

Thus, I decided to launch this new project.

The Real Life

For 30 days, I will only share real-life images and moments with you. No posing, no filters, no photoshop – nothing but the naked truth!

I am tired of this fake movement, being promoted by instagrammers and agencies. You barely see the real life, anymore.

Thus, I decided to start this little project. And yes, when there is a shot where I look like miss piggy, have a double chin or skin imperfections, so be it. And I go even further: when I don’t have important meetings with clients or a special romantic date, I won’t wear any makeup for the next 30 days! Nothing but the naked truth.

So, these are going to be the last images with me wearing makeup for the next 30 days. On Facebook you can follow my regular updates!


photo credits: V’s World