Yesterday I went on a beautiful hike in the region of lake Tegernsee. Together with my friend and co-worker Alexa I initially just wanted to go on a short hike, chillin’ and relaxing. Well, those who know me are aware that my hiking plans never turn out the way they were initially planned. :D  – But since it was simply magical and breathtakingly beautiful, I wanted to share our amazing tour with you.

Hiking at lake Tegernsee

Since 2007, many visitors have enjoyed the new Health Walking Park, a network of 27 hiking trails and 16 Nordic Walking tracks round lake Tegernsee. Whether you are a complete beginner or a hardened expert, fit or hoping to get there, looking for a health buzz or to rebuild your stamina after an accident or illness – the Health Walking Park comes with the optimal challenge for everyone and some stunning landscapes into the bargain. 25 wall charts have been erected around the 5 lakeshore towns, informing you about the various paths, their lengths and degrees of difficulty. Also described are the air quality, intensity of sunshine, pollination, temperatures and caloric burn-off value of each route.

A number of breathtakingly beautiful longer tours lead over 4 to 11 km along the lakeshore, through idyllic meadows, forests and valleys and on into the surrounding mountains. With a total length of 310 km, the touring network includes diverse circular tours as well as extensive woodland hikes which take you from one town to the next. Your Guest Card provides free public transport back to your starting point – and in most cases to somewhere close enough to your accommodation.  Alternatively, you might prefer to hop on one of the Lake Boats to take you home and cherish the setting sun whilst gliding over the shimmering water.

First route: Tegernseer Höhenweg (almost) to Rottach-Egern

For the first two hours, we decided to hike along the Tegernseer Höhenweg. It is a lovely path, perfect for beginners, very moderate, with beautiful views of the lake. Initially, we just wanted to hike to Rottach-Egern to chill at the lake, and go swimming.

But then we felt like we needed more exercise and went on a little de-tour. Instead of going to Rottach-Egern, we decided to take the hiking trail to Enterrottach.

De-tour Enterrottach to Hufnagelstube

Suddenly, we were on our way to lake Spitzingsee, ready to explore the beautiful region of Sutten. We walked along the river Rottach to Enterrottach, then went to see the Rottachfall and made a little photo-stop. The Rottachfall is soooo worth a visit – seriously: breathtakingly beautiful. Afterwards, we followed the hiking trail towards the Moni Alm.

However, instead of going there, we made another de-tour, wanting to see the Sibli waterfall. It is an 8 meter high single drop waterfall in the river Schiffbach offering yet another beautiful photo-stop. Afterwards, we hiked back to the Sutten chairlift, had a little snack and then walked to the bus stop at Hufnagelstube.

Boat Trip back to Tegernsee

Since we already walked for six hours straight, we took the bus back to Rottach-Egern, walked through the town to the boat stop and took the boat back to Tegernsee, where we enjoyed some yummy ice cream. By the way, at Il Gelato Italiano you will find the BEST Italian ice cream at lake Tegernsee.

At this time, we could really feel our feet and decided to cool them down a bit in the lake. Darn, this was pretty cold. And, to be honest, it wasn’t our best idea either, since the last 1km was probably the longest and toughest 1km in a long time, walking in flip flops. :D


But all in all, it was a magical tour. If you are up for a challenge and love the outdoors, you shoud try this tour. <3


photo credits: V’s World