The growing awareness of the potential side effects of many substances used in cosmetics has led many consumers to turn to a “green” approach, when it comes to beauty. They are looking for natural products free of artificial additives, which do not damage the skin nor the environment.

Pure and sustainable holiday culture in East Tyrol

Those wanting to escape the “heat” of everyday life will get new and fresh ideas at Kals am Großglockner. The Gradonna Montain Luxury Spa is a source of energy for people looking for sustainable regeneration in nature.

A break from the summer heat, stress and daily grind is good for everyone. After only a few days at Gradonna, your so-called mood barometer will climb to an all-time high: The beneficial altitude of 1,350 metres alone has a real „Wow effect“. New perspectives emerge while hiking and biking with a guide in the Hohe Tauern National Park with views of the mighty Großglockner.

Natural Cosmetics Line MAGDALENA’S by Gradonna

This summer the Gradonna mountain resort will launch its first cosmetics line MAGDALENA’S by Gradonna – based solely on natural ingredients, and a perfect addition to their sustainable concept in general.

In the spirit of sutainability, they will reduce the number of free toiletries at Gradonna, offering selected products from ALPIENNE and the new cosmetics line „MAGDALENA´S by Gradonna“.

MAGDALENA´S by Gradonna stands for honest, vegan and certified natural products without any  compromises. From the ingredients to the production and bottling, MAGDALENA´S by Gradonna is 100% regional from Tyrol.

The ingredients are:

yarrow: It has anticonvulsantand antiphlogistic effects, helps for stomach, gut and liver and has a cleansing effect on your skin.

mountain arnica: relieves pain, inflammation and bruising.

hay flower: calming and relaxing, especially for irritated skin.

meadowsweet: Traditional herbalists knew of meadowsweet’s usefulness as a treatment for fevers, colds and aches, and it was one of the sacred plants of the Druids. Today, this soothing herb is used for various skin conditions and is thought to help with rashes and irritation as it has anti-inflammatory, tightening, toning and astringent properties.

amber: commonly used in homeopathy and good at relieving convulsion and soothing.

yellow gentian: yellow gentian leaves and roots exhibit considerable antioxidant properties.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried it, YET, but I am so looking forward to it. I digg their whole concept and am just in love with the Großglockner region. Whether I shopped for food, beauty products or other local items, I was never disappointed.

So, I cannot wait to explore this new beauty line! Till then: stay as beautiful as you are, lovelies. <3


photo credits: V’s World, Schultz-Gruppe