Why, oh, why?! – I am probably one of the biggest Disney lovers on earth with a secret little princess shrine in my bedroom closet. Hence, I was sooooooo excited to see Emma Watson starring in the new version of the Beauty and the Beast. – I wish, I hadn’t, though…

Awful musical on the big screen

First of all: when I wanna see a musical, I simply go to the theater and watch an actual musical. What is it with all this singing on the big movie screen? No offense, there is nothing wrong with Emma Watson’s pipes in general, but for me it ruined everything. After watching the trailer I expected something great, extraordinary – something truly beautiful. Instead, it was a lame copy of the original version. Too much singing, too stiff, too perfect, too much digital magic… :-(

Belle (Emma Watson) and the Beast (Dan Stevens)

I don’t wanna spoil anything. Besides, you all know the whole story. But I have to be honest: for me personally, it was the biggest disappointed so far. There’s no crime in revising a much-loved classic. Indeed, Kenneth Branagh’s 2015 take on “Cinderella” is a strong example. But this “Beauty and the Beast” is just a fail.


photo credits: The Walt Disney Company