Thulusdhoo Island is located just 28 km north of Malé. It is the capital of Kaafu Atoll and is an administrative division of the Maldives. It consists of Kaashidhoo Island, Gaafaru, and Malé Atoll (which includes the North Malé Atoll and the South Malé Atoll). It also has a number of uninhabited islands. Its capital is Thulusdhoo.

The speedboat transfer from Malé airport to Thulusdhoo takes only 25 minutes and costs around 45 bucks. If you are on a budget, you can take the ferry. The ride takes about 150 minutes, but the panoramic views are worth it.

The island has its own bikini beach where tourists are most welcomed. On the whole, the rules concerning wearing bikinis are much stricter there than on other resort islands. It is not recommended to wear cutoffs and off-the-shoulder T-shirts outside the beach. Find more travel tips here.

Thulusdhoo Island

Approximately 1400 people live on the island. Thulusdhoo industrial sector is quite varied, it includes factories where workers deal with tuna drying and sea cucumber drying (looks like black sausages) and boat building workshops.

But the Coca-Cola factory, which was built in the 80s, is considered to be the heart of the island. It is the only Coca-Cola factory in the world, where desalted seawater is used. Because of this factory the island is sometimes called Coke Island. Coke Island is one of the first local island guest properties and has a special focus on surfing.


Accomodation and infrastructure

There are 8 guest houses on the island, and all of them are eager to do everything possible to make your holiday unforgettable. My personal recommendation: the Canopus Retreat. There are also several groceries and hardware stores, where you can buy not only fresh fruit or dried tuna, but also a beach gear.

Public food services are represented by four small restaurants. An average bill is approximately EUR 8-10 per person – so rather cheap.

Surfer’s paradise

Thulusdhoo Island is rightfully considered to be one of the best surfing spots in Maldives. And it’s not for nothing. It was surfers who lay the foundations of local tourism on the island in the 70s. There are many popular Maldivian surf spots nearby, which made the North Male Atoll famous: Lohis, Sultans, Jailbreaks, Honkys и Ninjas. Check out the best surfing spots in Thulusdhoo!

Snorkling and Diving

There are so many great snorkling spots where you can see turtles, manta rays and other bright and spectacular underwater flora and fauna. Also check out the channel between Thulusdhoo and Chicken Island. There you can regularly spot whales and dolphins.

Most beautiful sandbank

When exploring the local island I came across this gorgeous sandbank, which is (until now) a secret spot, only known among locals. If you wanna be by yourself during the day, have the most beautiful views of the ocean, this is your place to be. But watch it: it gets rather crowded during sunset, when all the locals mingle over there.

All in all, clearly one of the best places for budget travelers.


photo credits: V’s World, Canopus Retreats