The Ultima Gstaad is probably the most amazing luxury boutique hotel to discover in the legendary Swiss resort of Gstaad. Their luxury concept provides an extraordinary level of refinement, relaxation and style.

Luxury in Gstaad

Lavishly international and at the same time very Swiss, Gstaad has established itself as the ultimate reference in mountain-top luxury.

The Ultima Gstaad Resort Spa and Residence, initiated by Pure Concept, merges into a well preserved environment. The 16 particularly spacious suites – up to almost 200 square metres – simply are impressive.

A luxurious sobriety reigns in the communal areas, from the reception and lounges to the restaurant which will be entrusted to a multiple Michelin starred French chef whose reputation is already firmly established.


At the Ultima Gstaad, they also have 6 independent chalets/apartments which are breathtakingly beautiful. For a night, a weekend or a longer stay, the Residences offer privacy, all the services of our Suites, and the conviviality of a shared living space .

For a stay with friends or family, the Ultima Gstaad has created six magnificent Residences. Six spaces offering a very high level of comfort and conviviality, where everything is incredibly beautiful – glass or crystal hanging lights above the dining room table, leather or plush velvet upholstered armchairs, marble kitchen, and more.

Six worlds devoted to your well-being! Including two to four bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room for up to 10 guests, a huge lounge, bathrooms, and a walk-in wardrobe, enjoy superb rooms that are fully equipped for a delightfully pleasant stay. Comfort, refinement and modernity.

To make everything as easy as possible for you, you benefit from the same services as those of the hotel. For example, why not ask a private chef to prepare a meal for you and your guests? Just like being at home, but with the services of the Ultima Gstaad!

The Ultima Gstaad Resort

The Ultima Gstaad Resort is an exceptional hideaway built on tradition, combined with modern design. Attention to detail, state-of-the-art technology and finishing touches makes this Resort your perfect home away from home.

Presented by Pure Concept and its teams, the Ultima Gstaad Resort boasts bold spaces, with XXL suites equipped in a style that is cosy, friendly, warm and resolutely contemporary. The luxury of comfort any time, harmonious shapes and forms, sophistication of associations, subtlety of colours, noble materials, sensuality of textures, innovation of facilities – the Ultima Gstaad Resort Spa and Residence creates the setting of warm and elegant intimacy.

A showcase for design and art

The Ultima Gstaad was designed and created as a work of art, in which each object and decorative item has a place and contributes to the overall aesthetic appearance.

The resulting interior combines traditional and modern influences: ancestral craftsmanship is revisited with resolutely contemporary compositions. “It is just stunning!” (blogger colleague Andy)

The Ultima Spa

After a skiing session on the slopes of Gstaad, a day of excursions, or quite simply because you want to, the Ultima Spa offers an ideal setting for relaxing and recharging your batteries.

On the programme: La Prairie® ‎ face and body treatments, hammam, swimming pool, rest, massages, and more. All in the absolute privacy of the Ultima Gstaad. “OMG – this is the most beautiful and peaceful place I have ever been to!” (co-author Andy)

Our opinion: The Ultima Gstaad Resort Spa and Residence boasts exceptional services. The chalet style stands out and sets the tone in this hotel, which is a genuine snow flagship. Staying there is a unique experience with all the comfort you can dream of – simply magical! “I am in heaven!” (Andy)


prices start at CHF 1190.00 per night, per Suite; which is more than fair for the exceptional high luxury standards 

source and photo credits: www.ultimagstaad.com, V’s World