In the 13th century, the German-speaking Walsers settled the mountainous areas in Davos and Klosters. In the remotest area of the romantic side valley of Sertig, farming settlements still dominate the landscape.

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I already visited this beautiful peace of earth last spring and immediately fell in love with it. But during winter it truly is one of the most romantical, lonely spots in Davos, I have seen (so far).

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Snowshoeing Sertig Dörfli

The tiny Walser village of Sertig with its striking little church is located at 1861 m altitude in the primeval valley of the same name, surrounded by flower-filled meadows, dense forests and impressive peaks.
Sertig, as all other Davos side valleys, is a typical glacial valley with terraces and ledges. In the mid-13th century, the Walsers migrated into Landschaft Davos and thus into the Sertigtal valley. The harsh conditions at this altitude made life a battle for survival and forced people to help each other. In 1699, they built their own church, a simple white mountain church with a pointed steeple. The building has been a under a conservation order since 1942 and is very popular for weddings, christenings and harvest festivals.

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The small church and impressive Walser houses are not the only visitor attractions. Sertig is considered one of the Swiss regions most worthy of conservation. Dense pine and larch forests climb up the mountain slopes. In spring, the meadows around the hamlet turn into an ocean of white crocuses and behind the village, a waterfall thunders into the depths. Sertig Dörfli can be easily reached by horse-drawn carriage and is an ideal starting point for hikes in these primeval surroundings. Those with a watchful eye can also observe wildlife. In winter, several of the peaks that close off the valley in such an impressive way become the goal for ski tourers, while ice climbers tackle the frozen waterfalls.

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My personal tip for all love birds: spend a day out there and believe me, you will fall in love all over again.
photo credits: V’s World