On my last trip to Switzerland I once again was impressed by the diversity of this country – especially in Davos Klosters.

Davos Klosters is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world. It boasts the most comprehensive holiday, sports and meeting facilities in the mountains. The foundation stone for this success was laid over 150 years ago when the first winter guests arrived on 8 February 1865. The resort of Davos Klosters offers a holiday destination with a thousand possibilities: ski slopes with guaranteed snow, an extensive network of cross-country tracks, unique hiking trails, wonderful mountain biking routes in all the tributary valleys, ice skating parks, toboganning adventures and much more! Thus, you never get bored when coming to visit and always discover new things and places.

This time I did not only go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or hiking, no, I also checked out the local ice hockey scene. And I gotta say: darn, they got some passion!

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HC Davos

You all know, I am a soccer girl through and through so that I never really had a thing for ice hockey. But I was really looking forward to seeing the HC Davos live in action, playing against HC Lugano. Hockey Club Davos is a professional Swiss ice hockey club based in Davos, Switzerland, and they play in the Swiss National League A.


Hockey is a whole different world than soccer: Puck to the face? Get back on the ice. Skate cut your head open? Get back on the ice. Hockey stick dislocate your — I think you get the idea. In ice hockey thet got a pretty rugged attitude. Geee, it got pretty physical and intense on the ice.

And the fans? Well, hockey fans are an interesting bunch. Not only will they schlep out in sub-zero temperatures to watch their favourite game, they’re so dedicated that they’ll come out even when they’re too embarrassed to show their faces. And they can scream like crrrrrrraaaazy!

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Well, I gotta say: Soccer will always be my favorite team sport, but it was pretty cool to watch these guys in action and hockey definitely is Switzerland’s game!


photo credits: V’s World