First of all, I think the whole concept of the perfect bikini body is just ridiculous! It should be pretty simple: Put on a bikini and you have a bikini body. WELL, it SHOULD be as simple as that!  But for many girls and women it just isn’t.


And why is that? We are constantly exposed to images of gorgeous, skinny and tall models and celebrities who look perfect all the time. We are regularly reminded that wrinkles, cellulite and other “flaws” are bad and we should be ashamed of ourselves to show them. Guess what? In my opinion this is crap!


It is the little imperfections that make us special and perfect! Every person and every body tells an individual story. Now THAT is what I call beautiful. Whether you are tall, short, skinny, overweight, have wrinkles or love rolls – you all have a bikini body.

Yes, there are times, when I feel insecure about myself and hate putting on a bikini, because I had ice cream for dinner oder ate too many chips, but we all should not feel this way. We are all human beings and it is not these big thighs or scars that make us ugly, it is a mean, superficial and crucial personality that makes people ugly, but not your body! Period!


photo credits: V’s World