One week ago I got to try the HUAWEI nova smartphone and found myself a new beauty companion. Its multi-curve design gives a trinket-like feel, playfully soft and delicate in your hands – compact not only in shape but in the bespoke design of its internal components. The new HUAWEI nova is elegant from all angles!


Beautiful selfies with the HUAWEI nova

With an 8MP front camera, Beauty Skin 3.0 and Beauty Make-up 2.0 taking effortlessly beautiful selfies is at your fingertips. The new algorithm within beauty mode is the culmination of HUAWEI’s collaboration with international makeup artists. Bespoke blush and lip gloss are matched to your unique face shape and skin color. Eight templates are available, along with real-time previews. You can even explore an industry-first: eyebrow makeup beauty effects. Huawei nova’s enhanced skin software also optimizes facial features in both photos and videos. Subtle adjustments are made to skin tone and eye size.

Oh, and before I forget. HUAWEI nova shoots ultra-high-definition video (4k), recording stunning vibrancy and detail. Even when casting to large screens, your videos are guaranteed to look incredible.

Blogger friend Andrea and I totally digg it! <3


Fingerprint scanner

The nova ships with a fingerprint on its back, but it’s not just any fingerprint scanner: HUAWEI calls this a level 4 fingerprint reader. This is to indicate the difference with level 3 fingerprint scanners found on even flagship phones these days. A level 4 finger scanner like the one on the Nova features 3D fingerprint recognition, looking in depth and featuring self-learning algorithms and FIDO certification.

Put simply, unlike other phones, this new fingerprint scanner is protected from fingerprint fraud. If you try, you could copy a fingerprint that someone has left somewhere and then use this copy to unlock a level 3 fingerprint phone, but the depth reading on the HUAWEI nova prevents such type of fraud. This is pretty awesome!


All in all, the HUAWEI nova not only has fun gimmicks like the make-up mode for selfies, it is an elegant, well-polished smartphone that is focused on getting the important things right – indeed a fair value for the money.




photo credits: V’s World