Those who want to escape the stressful everyday-life and need to refuel their energy will find pure happiness and peacefulness at the Gradonna Mountain Resort Luxury Spa – a real power station for people looking for sustainable nature.

Gradonna Mountain Resort Luxury Spa

The village of Kals, by the Großglockner, has fresh ideas on how to escape life’s hurly-burly. The Gradonna is the perfect place for people looking for an environmentally friendly break, in a natural setting, where they can recharge their batteries.


 Everyone benefits from a break from the stress and daily grind. After just a couple of days at the Gradonna Mountain Resort Chalets & Hotel in Kals, you will be feeling your absolute best. The low-allergy, 1,350-metre altitude alone has a fantastic effect. And since I am suffering from severe asthma, I know what I am talking about!



Hiking and snowboarding, and a view of the Großglockner, will open up new perspectives.You can also exercise away those “problem areas” in their fitness centre and boulder and climbing room. The massages, wellness and beauty treatments in the 3,000 m2 Gradonna Spa, based on the hotel’s Tirolean products, will help you to feel “grounded” again.The 700 m2, solar-heated flotation tank is great for all-round health and wellbeing, as are the indoor and outdoor pools. A visit to the sauna or steam bath, followed by a refreshing dip in the plunge pool, and time spent relaxing in the rest areas, are good for the heart and circulation.

img_4361BABOR & Vinoble Cosmetics

Focusing on sustainability and green nature, the Gradonna only offers high-quality spa products such as BABOR and Vinoble Cosmetics.


Since the very beginning, Babor set their standard by achieving a lasting, healthy skin tone and the satisfaction of their customers. They work together with beauty professionals to create the ideal conditions for fulfilling this standard by combining perfect beauty with unlimited satisfaction. The BABOR brand’s recipe for success, the foundation for which was laid back in 1956 by Dr Michael Babor with the legendary Hy-Öl®, continues to be based on decisive factors. A total of 400 members of staff are working towards the realisation of these factors on a daily basis at the company headquarters in Aachen, with a further 500 members of staff working across the globe towards the same goal. They consider treating nature with respect and acting with a duty-bound responsibility to be vital for preserving natural raw ingredients and being able to produce luxury skincare products. Animal testing is and will remain absolutely off-limits for the BABOR company!

img_4301Vinoble Cosmetics

The essence of the grape seed is at the heart of the research activities at Vinoble Cosmetics and vital for youthful natural beauty.

Sit back, relax and enjoy. As you take in the magnificent view across the gently rolling hills of the unique Styrian wine region you feel a gentle breeze on your soft silky skin. The vine’s regenerating power runs through and through the entire plant, showing nature’s great supply of rejuvenating vitality. You experience a feeling of youthful energy and satisfaction in the Here and Now.

Every single one of their premium care products by the exclusive Spa Brand Vinoble Cosmetics gives you a rejuvenating sense of a well-deserved timeout, perfect for treating yourself to pure indulgence. Carefully selected concentrates of active ingredients based on vine extracts nurture your skin and ensure a youthful complexion; the characteristic fragrance of the vine and its sensual aroma complete a pure sense of wellbeing.

At the Gradonna I tried their facial cream and already love it. I immediately experienced a soothing effect: youthfulness and natural beauty with every single application – again and again.




img_4734My Opinion

During my visit I was still suffering from a sinus-bronchitis and really felt rejuvenated after one day of treatments: steam bath, manicure, hand & head massage and hair styling. My brother and I totally digged the combination of nature, sports, wellness and pleasure.

With a focus on sustainability, the Gradonna Spa’s luxury is not about excess, opulence or lavishness but rather about getting closer to nature.

All in all, if you go to Gradonna, pamper yourself – you deserve it! Under the soothing touch of a professional therapist, you will revive and recharge, you’ll feel light and refreshed after the heavenly massages, and there’s nothing better than the comfy sun loungers to enjoy the mountain views.


photo credits: V’s World