Are you looking for a magical place during your Christmas holidays to go skiing or snowboarding? Well, then we got something awesome for you! We recently introduced the best mountain huts in Austria, and my brother Kai and I got to check out the Adler Lounge.

The Adler Lounge at the Großglockner resort stands for enjoyment, tradition and elation – a love of activity and savouring of culinary delights from the focal point. In the Adler Lounge, varios components come together: the mountain, architecture and enjoyment. A special feling emerges from the combination of living tradtion with lifestyle. The aim is to offer guests an unforgettable time. The Adler Lounge invites guests to syvor innovatively packaged delights up in the lofty heights of the mountains. The lounge offers stylisch suites for those who enjoy time out with a difference. Individually tailored packages guarantee you that special time you need – a holiday.


adler lounge

adler lounge

img_4667The peacefulness and power of the mountains are so close that you can really feel them. Savour your time here and write your own holiday tale, just like Kai and I did.


photo credits: V’s World