During my travels through Finnish Lapland I also got to stay at the holiday village Gulo Gulo and it was beyond my expectations. The ten semi-detached houses in the holiday village have 20 holiday apartments, all furnished with all modern conveniences, and can accommodate a total of 120 guests at any one time. The surface area of 18 of the Superior apartments is 65 m2 and two larger Deluxe apartments have an area of 76 m2.



The holiday apartments are equipped with all modern conveniences and they are perfectly suited for independent stay. For those who prefer to relax, their wide range of services, restaurant included, ensure that your holiday is just the way you want it to be.


My first husky safari at the Wild Arctic Husky Park in Ranua

At the holiday village they offer a wide range of Wildlife Safaris, which was actually another reason why I chose to stay at the Gulo Gulo village: you can create your own adventures, far from the traditional tourist attractions. And for me, I could make one of my biggest dreams come true!

For many years, I have been dreaming of doing a husky safari, out in the wilderness, getting to know the animals, exploring untouched nature, letting everything go. – AND I DID IT! Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.


I first received detailed information on steering the sled. Then, the comfortable sleds head from Gulo Gulo into the winter wonderland. A sled can transport two adults and a child. I had the opportunity to steer my own sled, which was amaaaaahazing.

But, boy – these dogs run fast, REALLY fast. The dogs run at different speeds, according to the distance to be covered. During a safari, we tried hard to maintain a steady speed of 20 to 30 km/hour. This was a pleasant speed at which to view the arctic landscape. Having said that, it is rare to leave the farm at a speed under 25km per hour, so be prepared for a rush of adrenaline from the moment of departure!



Did the sled dogs know where we were going? Well, at least in theory. I was taught how to use directional commands on the long safari and the guide physically gestured to the dogs from the snowmobiles to help them to choose the correct path at turns.  It is definitely necessary to be ready for unexpected situations during the safaris (for example, when you order the leading dogs to turn left – ‘HAW’ – they may turn right – ‘GEE’ – or when the dogs suddenly stop running or, indeed, when they decide not to stop…). It is these unexpected moments that turn your safari into a real adventure and which leave you with memories that you will treasure forever. It was a very exhilarating experience when I realized that my dogs not only trusted me, but were also listening and ready to obey.


husky-safari_finland_vs_worldThe dogs are trained to run long distances and 50km is relatively short for them. However, whilst a good team can easily cover 80 to 90 kms in a day, they don’t run much more than 40km a day. After the safari, I had a chance to ask our guide anything I have always wanted to know about sled dogs and got to cuddle with the huskies.


It truly was an unforgettable experience to enjoy the ancient, natural way of travelling in the wild – something, I will never forget!


photo credits: V’s World