During my adventure in Switzerland, we will go on three challenging tours along the Walserweg in Graubünden, following the tracks of the Walser. Below I put together a little summary of the tour, together with the responding links so that you can learn more about this beautiful hiking area.

etappe 16

Walserweg stage 16 from Arosa to Langwies


Technical information

Access starting point: Untersee
Access point of arrival: Langwies. Arrive by train from Chur to Arosa and then take the free bus (Arosa Card) to the Untersee. Return by train from Langwies to Chur.
From Zweisimmen to Lenk
Hiking time: 5 hrs
Season: Mid-June to October
Starting point: 1691 metres above sea level
Difficulty: average
Difference in elevation: Approx. 400 metres uphill and approx. 700 metres downhill
Gastronomy: Untersee lido, Alpenrose (Medergen), Heimeli (Sapün)


This little settlement with its traditional wooden cabins does not have running water or electricity. The track continues to Seejiboden, which offers a spectacular view over the Sapünertal valley and the rugged Chüpfenflue mountain. At the next path junction, turn left towards Heimeli – Sapün and head for the next hamlet. From there, take the forest track or the attractive summer path to Langwies.

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Walserweg stage 17 from Langwies to Klosters

Through Fondeier Tobel gorge to the solid-timber buildings of the early Walser settlement of Strassberg. Traditional use in evidence. Today, unspoilt cultivated landscape, open alp area, cotton-grass moorland lakes on Durannapass. Visit to the «Nutli Hüschi» (16th century folk museum) in Klosters. – I have to admit, I am a little scared of this tour, since I am not sure, if I am fit enough. We will see…

length: 21 km

Hiking time:
Langwies–Klosters: 7 h 15 min
Klosters–Langwies: 7 h 30 min


medium (mountain hiking trail)
Conditions: difficult


Height difference:
Langwies–Klosters: 1150 m
Klosters–Langwies: 1400 m




Walserweg stage 13 from Monstein to Sertig Dörfli

Round-timber construction in Monstein and on Oberalp. Across the pastureland of the former «Meder» (hay meadows) on Fanezfurgga. The trail leads through the fossil-rich Ducan area, to the waterfall and Sertig village. «Hinter den Eggen» Church dating from 1699.

Length: 12 km
Hiking time:
Monstein–Sertig Dörfli: 4 h 40 min
Sertig Dörfli–Monstein: 4 h 30 min
medium (mountain hiking trail)
Conditions: medium
Height difference:
Monstein–Sertig Dörfli: 1000 m
Sertig Dörfli–Monstein: 780 m



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photo credentials: My Switzerland, Graubünden