I got some fabulous news for all fashionistas and style bloggers out there: Online retailer Zalando has launched a new online magazine entitled ‘ADVIZE’ aiming to inspire all lifestyle and fashion lovers. ADVIZE is far more than yet another fashion magazine. Whether you wanna learn more about a healthy lifestyle or the latest fitness trends, get inspired by your favorite artists or wanna get some inspiration from bloggers and influencers, ADVIZE has it all: authentic, fresh, individual and modern.

Ivy Park

Since I am currently working on my personal fitness, trying to get back in shape and preparing for my first half-marathon in October this year, I checked out the Ivy Park special on ADVIZE. The activewear brand co-founded by Beyoncé perfectly matches my style. I love my new training and fitness routine and wearing functional, but also fashionable, clothes just gives me a good feeling and puts a smile on my face. It is all about finind your inner strength and then pulling through.

IVY Park_3

After reading this article and checking out the collection, I decided it’s about time for some new workout clothes so that I ordered these cute shorts and this transparent hoodie. Well, and now I think it’s time to go out for a run, showing some discipline. :-)

Ivy Park_1

So, if you are looking for some new inspirations, check out ADVIZE and let me know what you think. Do you digg it?


photo credentials: V’s World / Zalando / ADVIZE; EandJsFilmCrew (flickr), Creative Commons CC BY-ND 2.0

in cooperation with Zalando ADVIZE