I am currently training for my first trail run competition in April, where I will be running the Andechs trail. I must admit: I am a bit nervous, since I am not sure, whether I will be fit enough, especially, since I have been experiencing some knee problems. It’s a chronical injury from the past and it can be quite painful during my high intensity workouts or after a very long run.

However, thanks to my collaboration with Voltaren®*, I came across the Global Pain Index (GPI) and decided to do some research on pain management in order to improve my workout routine.

The GPI is a global survey into attitudes towards body pain around the world. It reveals that body pain affects more than 88% of the global population and has a significant impact on the lives of many. According to the GPI, the older we get, the more knees become an issue.

With my knee, it’s an ongoing process and I am still hoping to get some detailed information from physicists and experts; I will definitely keep you posted.


You all know that I just love to run and I am also a soccer girl through and through, which is why I will share my training results over the next few weeks with you right here on the blog. I just could not imagine a life without exercise and truly hope to be able to enjoy it when I am as old as Marian and Anthony are.


photo credentials: V’s World, Chantal Kreth (flickr), Creative Commons 2.0

*Prescription free at your pharmacy