In our lifestyle section, we introduced the incredibly romantic new video “Dancing through life” by Voltaren®*. Our editorial staff thinks that this beautiful couple is an inspiration for all of us; so much that we wanted to share the whole behind-the-scenes video with you.

The stars of the new video almost missed their chance to be in the video. Marian Booth and Anthony Robert Byrt Booth heard about the casting for this innovative shadow play video through their dance association. But Marian was booked to play a character in a Murder Mystery play in Harrogate on the same day as the auditions were taking place in London.

“I didn’t want to miss our chance, so I contacted the agency auditioning people for the video, because they wanted an older couple who could move and were in a relationship, and that was us”, explains Marian.

Her initiative paid off, as they were called in for an audition a few days later. But it was no surprise that the brand wanted to see them, because they offer something unique. Marian and Anthony, at 72 and 75 respectively, have five children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild, but they aren’t typical great grandparents. They are slim, elegant and bursting with energy, which they credit to their love of dance.

Excite Video stills (x4 portrait photos from shoot)

Dance is the thread that runs through their 52-year marriage. They met jiving at a party in Cyprus and have danced throughout their relationship, even competitively in the ‘70s. Now Marian still teaches dance three times a week, and the couple attends Argentinian Tango classes once a week.

But when they went to their audition they didn’t know just how perfect they were for the roles. “We just thought it would be a bit of fun and the chance to go to London for the day”, laughs Marian. “As soon as we arrived at the venue we realised it was a much bigger project than we had imagined. We were kept in the audition for 45 minutes, but we thought that was a bad thing”, adds Anthony.

Far from it being a bad sign, the pair was selected to star in the new video. The couple flew out to Warsaw in Poland for videoing. “The shoot certainly put us through our paces. We did everything over and over again to achieve the desired effect. The coordination was very difficult”, recalls Anthony.

What the couple love about the video is the way it illustrates happiness and the joy movement has brought into their lives, from their first meeting, to having a family and dancing through their later years. “This video is the peak of our achievements. I felt as if it allowed all of our experience to come together to allow us to succeed in creating this incredible video”, explains Marian.

When I am old, I hope to be as inspiring and loveable as Marian and Anthony. <3


photo and video credentials: Voltaren®*

in collaboration with Voltaren®* / GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG

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