As promised, for my 10th anniversary, I will challenge myself and explore new, adventurous places, trying something new, leaving my comfort zone. Thus, I am planning a huge travel special on Finland. 2016 is not only a highlight for my blog, but also for me personally. My 35th birthday (darn, now you all know how old I am – but since I still look like 27, I can totally live with that :D) is coming up in the end of March and I decided to take this opportunity and decided to go on a special trip in the arctic region.

Photo: Vastavalo / Petri Jauhiainen
Photo: Vastavalo / Petri Jauhiainen

I cannot provide you with a detailed plan, YET, since I am still figuring everything out, but I promise to share everything with you. Starting with my travel plans, facts and figures on Finland, different airlines and much more.

So stay tuned and get ready to explore the arctic region with me. <3


photo credentials:, Photo: Vastavalo / Petri Jauhiainen, Creative Commons, (CC-3.0)